Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Filming- done!

All my filming now is done with some extra material just in case I change certain bits of my music video, but also I have footage to play around with now to get what in my actual music video and most of my shots link in with the lyrics directly or indirectly. So now all of my filming is done its time to go back to school and start my editing processes by cutting down my length of shots or adding things in and taking it in professional and practical manner, and I am able to achieve the things I wanted to with the music video now as I have the footage to do it with.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Filming- done!(nearly there)

Today I was able to shoot near enough all of my music video as it was a great day for filming and my actresses were willing to do things I asked from them, and now I have my raw music video footage to use for my actual music video and fit it along with the music in the editing stage when I get back to school with it now and start editing and playing with it so it looks professional and looks good, but also makes it entertaining for my audience to watch as well as I will have to choose different editing techniques carefully so it looks modern and not childish. Just need to film the last shots which are indoors now and then my music video footage will be done.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Meeting with the characters- sorting things out

Today I am speaking with my actresses again who have been able to be in my music video and we were talking about what I want each of them to do in music video and what sort of facial expressions and things I need from them , also we have sorted out a date, which is going to be the Monday when we are filming the music video as its had good weather given out for the whole day which is great as the good weather is something that is very key in my music video, but even if the weather was bad it would still in anyway with the music video and link to the lyrics and Monday is a day where both of my actresses are free together so I can shoot quiet a bit of my music video.

Friday, 22 October 2010

What I am doing now ??

Now I have everything planned , I am now prepared to film my music video as I have my location sorted out and I have permission to use the house as its someones private property. I also have my actresses sorted out now so that I can film them in my music video, the props are also have been sorted out for my characters to use in the music video. The equipment I have now to to the actually filming of my music video. So I am prepared to film my music video, and if the weather will be nice it will be even better so now I am ready to go out and film my actual footage, and create a something that with be both entertaining but something my audience can relate to which will make the music video more enjoyable.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Props- Car

Another key prop I need to use is car which I have sorted to use for my music video as it fits in with the lyrics of my music video and it links with the happy ending at the end of my music video where my parent and teenage character will be driving away in the distance at the end of the music video and its happy atmosphere and it shows a link with the lyrics with the car prop. It will also make the audience a lot happier at the end, and it shows that characters have made up now and the audience will be able to relate back to it.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Props- the letter

For my music video I have got a letter I can use and also envelope that I will be using in the music video which is the turning point and very much a key item in my music video as it changes the whole mood of the video and also changes the characters approach and feelings and makes the video also change its atmosphere, but it links in the main theme of the music video the 'bad day' and it also links with the lyrics in the music video. It shows that my props also add humour, but also link back the lyrics in the music video so everything can link back the lyrics which is the important part of my music video. I also I have an idea in the music video to either show the letter that my actress is reading so the audience can see whats wrong etc, but I could also not show the letter and had some mystery to it but because my character will be upset so my audience can see the letter is something unexpected , and we are put then in the shoes of the character because she doesn't know what the letter is until she opens it, so the audience can see it from my characters point of view. So it gives me something to consider, and gives me some more ideas.

Mock up further on

This is my CD cover with added doodles and writ ting on it to make it busier looking and shows more of characters feelings as its on scrap paper or diary like and it shows doodles on there that relate back the music video with some of the things that are written to link some scenes etc, it also relates back to my character and how she is feeling in the music video, but furthermore it links and relates back to the my target audience as it quiet modern. Also this has come from some of CD covers I have researched, and I wanted to do something different from the original Bad Day CD cover, but its sort of similar because the original uses a scene out the music video which is something I am doing here but its something completely different.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Mock up CD cover

This is my CD mock up further on, and it a lot more developed as it has doodles on it just like a normal diary type page would have on it and it shows my characters feelings and emotions as it has things that are actually in my music video, like the school letter and the heart and stars are to represent hope etc to show that there is something happy in the music video. Also the box and lines is something a teenager or anyone does when they are bored or angry at something, which again relates back to the music video. I think I will be adding a shot of my actress on the next one and keep improving it as I am going along and also my two products are linking very well together they are relating together, also my CD is relating more as it shows things that are in my music video so it give insight into my music video.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

what I need now??? - equipment!!!

Now I need the equipment that will help me produce my music video which will be a recording camera where I am to store my footage and actually take the music video with and then I will need a tripod as this will help with getting the angles I want, but also so I am not using my hands to take the footage as human hands tend to make the what they are shooting shaky, and this can be annoying to the audience but also can ruin the footage and makes it less professional looking and more basic and amateur. These pieces of equipemt I have already had my hands on it, I have been practising on how to use the camera and tripod so when I am filiming I know what I am doing, but also I know how to zoom in and out which is something I need in my music video at certain parts. To conclude, this is what I need to make my music video look more professional looking and less annoying with the shakyness without the tripod, as this isnt what a conventional music video looks like but also I would prefer clean shots not ones that are dissorted even if it was conventional or not, as it would look more like a movie trailer that need the handheld camera effect.

Anamatic- nearly finshed now

This is my anamatic again and this time ist very near finshed I think because it fits to the song now and we get 2D prepestive of my reall music video will look like and with an anamatic you can what works and what doesnt, but with an anamatic it lets you see how to edit things by putting in speical effects or the different transistions avaiable and give some basic skills I will need to edit my own reall footage. My anamatic looks good as it shows what I want my music video to look like, but I can also change things as well if I want to as I am still able to develop my ideas from this anamatic to my actuall footage.

Feedback on CD mock ups

I have asked various people to take a look at my blog and my CD mock ups to see if I was going in the right direction, and from my audience they say I am as they really think my ideas are great and that they really like the that its someone standing on the the like walkway of lyrics they think that's a great idea, as it shows that actress will be on top eventually but also links to one of the scenes out of my music video, so this will link everything together. They also like the paper background, as its good and relates to the letter but also feelings on the character. They would also like me to make it look more like a paper that's been drawn on by a teenager with doodles and things, so it looks more authentic like a piece of paper or diary like. Overall, I am heading down the right track for my CD cover as it relates to my music video but also my audience are relating to it as well.

Friday, 15 October 2010

CD mock up- further ideas

This is a mock up of my CD cover and
I have added some more things to it as I put on some more lyrics from the song but in different colours and the lyrics relate to my character in the music video, it looks good as it looks like it my character who has written on the paper and the character and audience are able to see my actresses emotions as it looks diary like with handwritten font used, to make it also look like authentic ,I added some pen marks and splats on it so it can show that someone hand written the lyrics on and to how my character is feeling and makes it even more personal. This CD cover mock up links directly to the music video as there are lyrics on there, but it can also show one of the scenes on my music video so they are linked together.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Feedback on top issue

As my audience is the one who will viewing the video its the right thing to do is ask them what they want, and also what they like or dislike about my ideas I have for my music video and I gave them to top issue I have, and they said that they liked both tops and can see the reasons why they would be great to use in my music, and because of my song choice the tops really suit the music. So, after a long talk with them all and they said they would prefer the white one as they felt that it should show mixed emotions of the character ,but still also show that she is just a young girl really and they would be able to relate to my actresses character more, the top itself is also very modern and really fits in with current times. To conclude, my audience would like it if picked my second choice of top as they feel it fits in better with my actresses character and its less depressing and makes the character more approachable for my audience.

Clothing- causal (top 2)

I was thinking about going with this shirt as well as its white it can show how innocent my character is, and it can show how young my character is as well being portrayed through my actress and it can show herself as she is growing up still, which is shown by the dress she wears at the end of the video showing my actress has grown up. The top is very modern, the white can also show the mixed emotions she has as she is wearing dark coloured jeans, showing that she is confused with herself and this is shown all the way through until the end, but it can show how she is thinking as well. The top also has the gold/ yellow colour on it as well which can repersent the good weather, and happy day she should be having compared to what is actually happening so this can add a little bit of humour to the music video.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Anamatic- improved

This is my anamatic but now it has a title at the beginning so it gets me use to putting titles on, but I have also edited little bits of the anamatic and now it actually fits to the music through my editing. I have also added some more transitions and also edited the time some shots on for. So, this anamatic is much better and more improved, it also it shows my what my music video may look like in the actual footage.

Mock up- first one- ideas etc

This is a mock up of my CD cover and its really just ideas on the CD cover, the orange man will not be used as its just to represent that a person will standing there on top the lyrics in the music video which will link the two things together. The lined paper background I like because it can represent the letter that she gets in the music video, but also its very personal which is something that is shown in the music. The paper background can also show almost diary like which can show her emotions and feelings into, and her emotions and feelings will be shown in the music video. I have used the font and the font colours my audience wanted and liked best. I like that I have used the lyrics on the paper to show they are linked to together but its how my character feels, it also looks very modern and the idea came from the riot CD cover as the name is written over and over again. I also think I can develop this further, but also develop it using feedback and making a few more so I have a better idea for my CD cover.

What I have I done today???

As my planning is coming along great and I will be posting more things and an anamatic as well I am have to post my other props as well. But also I have to think about my other two products as well which are a CD cover and poster, because now I have a colour scheme sorted if i need a colour scheme, also Ihave my font chosen so that means this is something that will be used on both products will link them together and not just random. I also have my font colour started, and all the things I have done have had feedback from my audience about them so the got to pick which one they wanted. So today I have been making my first mock up CD cover, using fireworks which I have nearly finished and I will get feedback from my audience on what they want or like about and also their own thoughts on the matter.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Feedback on my font colours

Here is some feedback I have on my font colours as this will be the font colour I will be using on my main products and here is what they think and which on they like:

Ashleigh:I like the first one and last one as they really stand out ,but I would go with the blue and black one its better and really stands out and its really good to use for your music video and its also very modern to use as well.

Kris:I think out of the colours the first one is the best one and it can appeal to both sexes fits in with the emotions idea and it also looks very effective and update to use. The two colours also look very good together.

Rachel: I really love the first one its the best one, it really stands out and it really does link in well the sadness and happiness in the music video, but the main thing its really modern and fresh its something different from the original and it looks really good with the font.

Jack : my choice is between the first one or the last one both of them are really good and really stand out and think its the black as it really makes the the other colours stand out , and it links well with the themes of the video you are trying to show as well.

Alex: I like the first one as I can clearly read it, it also relates back to the music video as well with the darkness on it. It really stand outs from the others and would stand out in the crowd as well.

Overall, the font colour that is the best one is the the blue and black one I also like this one as well but also my target audience have picked, and they would be the ones who will be watching the video or buying the CD. The colours are very modern as well which is something I am aiming for and relate it back to the audience as well.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Font colours

These are some colours have come up with for my font and I am going to ask what my audience which one looks best and which on looks more appealing to them and also if they have ideas on the colour of my font. I have picked to do two colours for my font, because it can show two sides of my character in the video as it can show her emotions as at first starts out angry and depressed but gets happier, also the two colours really standout from on another and also make the font look better as well. the colours of the font must all appeal to both male and female audience as they are my target audience. So these are some colours I have come up with which are both modern and contemporary which should relate back to a modern audience but also appeal to everyone at the same time. I will ask my audience for feed back on my colours and there input can make my products better because its what they want.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Shoes- formal

These are the shoes I have chosen for my actress to wear when she changes clothes, the shoes will be cleaner than this to show how much my character and changed, but also high heels show that my character has grown up and matured a little. The shoes are more glamorous than before to show that she happy now and nothing can stop her, the shoes are leather as well which are a strong material and can show how my character feels now she feels she can do anything even if she had a bad day and that the shoes show how much happier she is, and how much confidence she has now. The shoes don't cover the all the feet, unlike the shoes before which can show she is more free she has let her down and she is relaxed and happy with herself, and shows the message everyone has bad days but it shouldn't stop you.

Shoes- casual

These are the shoes my actress will be wearing as these are a modern brand so it will relate to the teenage market, also the colour of the converse match my characters mood and emotions as she is upset and distressed and again like the shirt this can be used to foreshadow the bad things to come to my actress. These shoes can also go with most things and go with jeans very well so I am still producing a modern outfit that my audience will like, but also using the colours and the clothes to show my characters feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, the shoes cover the whole foot to show she is just filled with these bad emotions, and they are all over her and she just cant let go of her anger at all she is just really upset inside and shows on her clothes and shoes. The shoes are also plain linking with the boring routine day that she has.

Prop 2 - water gun

This is the water gun I will using in my music video for the scene where my actress gets completely soaked, and it wont be on show but it will look like it comes from next door, so then it adds humour to the music video as up until this point its been sad and a bit depressing ,but this will add humour and will entertain my audience. Also it can relate back to my audience as no one likes getting soaked with water, and links to the bad day my character is having which she has been all day and in the story,but this adds humour to the whole video, and adds entertainment but also there is less tension unlike before when she is arguing with her parent.

Me making my anamatic

This is a screenshot showing what I am using to create my anamatic , which is windows movie maker as its simple for my anamatic to use and the pinncale studio is used for raw actual footage and nothing else. It shows that I have uploaded my pictures from my storyboard to put into my anamatic, and it shows all the pictures also shows that I have also added the actual soundtrack that I am using for my music video. Movie maker maybe simple but it does the basic things and makes it easy for me to use as I am still getting use to using pinnacle studio. It shows also my anamatic in a preview screen to show what is going one etc.

This is a screenshot of how I am able to get music and pictures in to windows movie maker, and it just a simple insert from the computer onto the software and also it shows that there animations and also visual effects I can add to the anamatic at anytime. Also text and titles are easy to add as well and it just gets me use to using a simple software as its similar to the editing system I will be using for my actual footage.

This is another screenshot of the transitions. I can add and as you roll over them it comes up in the preview screen so you know what its like and if it suits what your trying to achieve, and I have been gradually adding to my anamatic where they are needed and correctly needed in my anamatic, as different transitions can affect the mood or genre I am trying to create. This shows further that I can add zooms as well which again something I have been adding to my anamatic, and mostly when I am zooming in to show the emotions or as with the envelope to show that's it important.

This shows that I can edit how long something is there for and this something I will be using all the way through. so I can get certain parts to fit with the lyrics in my music video like the parent character miming the lyrics and the car at the end.
This shows how I am making my anamatic. and all the little details I can add or take away and making it better and making sure everything fits together .

clothing- casual (top 1)

This is one of the shirts I have narrowed it down too, as I said either black or white as its a dark colour but I like this one as it as some bright colouring on it which is irony, as it shows how she should be and also the shirt as and ironic statement as it says 'champion' also the word is broken up to show my actress has no belief, and gives a sense of belief which adds humour to the video, this would keep the audience entertained and they will get the joke that's going on but my actress wouldn't have a clue. The top is black which can show the emotions of the actress as it shows both anger and depressed, like how she feels after letter comes which shows the top can be used as symbol or a key item that can foreshadow whats to come to my actress.

clothing- casual (jeans!)

These are the jeans my main actress will be wearing in the music and these are skinny jeans as these are modern and very current its something most people are wearing and so this will relate back to my audience but also modern times.
The jeans are a very dark colour to link with my characters mood, but also the boring atmosphere that I am trying to portray as its all depressing and showing an average day, and this can relate to most people as people tend to get like this for work or school. Jeans are very casual but also boring in a way as they are plain jeans nothing fancy, and it shows my audience how my actress is feeling. Also jeans are easy to get hold of and go with most shirts and tops so this makes it great for my music video, as I can pick any shirt to go with it. The jeans are also similar to the ones I had sketched out as well which is great because its exactly what I wanted.

Feedback- on colour schemes and my ideas

I have asked my target audience about my colour schemes I have made and asked which one they would like best but also which one would link all my products together, but I also asked what they thought about my other ideas for my CD cover and poster; here is what they said:

Hayley: I really like the first colour scheme as its colours that could be in the music video but also because it looks very com temporary and modern so this would mean it would relate back to the audience as well. I also think you other two ideas are really good as one is directly linking the products together as a scene would be good, but I also like the less conventional method as its different and would make it stand out, but also it relates to the characters feelings and emotions but also the letter in the video you plan to use.

Stephen: I like the fifth colour scheme as it links to the natural things in the music video you are going to have and the locations you are using, but also it can link to he characters emotions as well so it will link them together. I also like the idea of the scarp paper background and writing over it as it will show how the characters feeling but also it can show that its personal, and this can relate to teenager and the audience you are trying to attract. The scene idea is good also, but it seems to similar to the original so I would choose the different idea.

Abby: I like the second and fifth colour scheme as these colours are attractive yet they can relate back to character and locations used in the video, I do like the different idea of the scrap paper as its something personal and relates to how the character is feeling. The scene idea is good too but you have to a pick a good scene out the video that can be used for both. Overall I like what ideas you have and they can turn out really professional but also great.

Jack: The ideas you have are really good so far so all you need to do is develop your ideas, the colour schemes are good as well I like the first colour scheme its modern and can relate to your audience as well. I like both the ideas of the scene and scrap paper background although the scene idea could be seen as the original but I really like something different so you could put your twist on it.

Naomi: I like the first colour scheme as well, but I also the like the fifth as it can be taken from your weather and locations to link the products together, but also both colour schemes can show the characters emotions as well, the other two ideas you have are great too. I think I prefer the scarp paper idea than the scene idea its been done before and I want something different.

Overall, this is great feedback from my audience as they have picked a colour scheme that I have come up with but also they like the other ideas I have from my poster and CD cover and that I am heading in the right direction and they are seeing where my colour schemes have come from as well.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Colour Schemes- ideas

These are just some colour scheme ideas I have been thinking about for my CD cover and my poster as part of my digi pack as I want something that will link all the products together to show they relate to one and other. This also gets me thinking about my CD and poster, as I may in the end use a scene from the video for the cover and poster which will definitely link them all together, as I have already chosen my font I am using on both products as well. If I do go for the scene idea I will also edit it as well so I may need a colour scheme, but maybe a colour scheme from my actual video so then all of my three products will be linked together which is something I am trying to do. Another idea I have for my CD cover is that maybe have a background of paper to link to the teenage character with writing all over it and maybe with the lyrics, so the products are linked further together, and the scrap piece of paper can also be a personal symbol and again, something a teenager would do in real life writing when they are mad about something.

The pinnacle studio editing- learning

This is a screenshot of my actually using the editing package to show that I have been learning how to do different things to such as effects so then when it comes to my actual real raw footage, I will be able to use it easily and create something very professional looking. I have learnt that you can drag and drop in different sections of the video, on the timeline at the bottom of the screen shot, and that the clips I drag in can be shown on the little preview screen at the side.

This is a screenshot of me looking at the transitions, and there are a wide variety and that can have different impacts on my music video but also shows me dragging in the transitions to the footage, I am allowed to practice on for my own editing purposes to help me gain the key skills I need. This also allows me to see the different transitions I can use, but also which ones are suitable for my genre of music, as some are more childish with paper planes etc but then are normal ones wipe out and dissolve that I could use in my music video.

This is a further screenshot where I am able to actually shorten the footage, I have so it will then fit in with music and will long enough for my music I am using in the video but also it allows me to see if I can actually fit the lyrics to certain points in the videom, to link both lyrics and the video together. This is something really good that I will be using a lot in my music video editing stage as I may have a lot of footage more than I need.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Anamatic - added things to it

This is my anamatic with a few things added to it so its better than it was and its starting to fit with the music more, and it really shows how I want my music video in real life and this 2D anamatic is a very useful, as I can see problems with it but also the good things about it and at this stage I still change part of it and keep adding things as well. This is my anamatic further on, and more developed and looks better as well but I think I can still improve it further.

Formal clothing- decided for actress

This the outfit my actress will be wearing at the end of the music video where everything is better and everyone is happier and this outfit is a lot like my sketches and my outfits on the Sims, and with this idea of a dress being more grown up like her attitude through the video but also shows she is much happier than before because she is all depressed and very unhappy, and when she changes clothes it shows the change in emotions of the character, and because a dress is free flowing its like her emotions now happy and relaxed. Also the dress is very modern, and something that would relate back to my audience and they would be able to relate back to the character and what I am trying to do.

Prop 1 for the video

This is the keyboard prop I am going to use for my music video as it can be used for the shots of someone playing the piano to show someone playing the music and the shots will be used in my music video near enough all the way through, to show the link between the music itself and the video to show that they actually belong together. Also this is from feedback from my target audience that I should really use this idea in my music video because they think it will be great and look professional but also appeal to my traget market as well as this would make even more entertaining for my audience to watch.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What happened today?

Today we were looking on how edit footage with some footage,that we could play around with learning different ways of editing a feel price of footage with adding music on to it and using the different transitions that are available on the editing software pinnacle 12 plus,and I was shown how to upload to the footage from camera to the computer, and how the editing can help me a lot in making my music video look professional. I was also able to see how to add titles at the beginning of the video and how to fade shots in and out. So during the lesson we were all allowed to play around with it and get use to the programme I will be using in the future and for my own product. So overall today, I leanrt and had a go at using an editing and the one I will be using for my own product to make it look good and professional.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

anamatic 3

This is my anamatic further on with all my shots I am going to use but also it has some transitions, and with my feedback its been improved to my audiences liking and also it has the music I am going to use for my music video on the anamatic, so I will actually know in 2D what its going to be like and it also gives me more ideas which shots to include and which to not to improve it even more.


I asked my target audience at the end of my storyboard what they thought my storyboard was great, and that my music video from my storyboard and the shots and ideas I have and the story I have is really good and they all said that they can relate to the situation that is going on and feel sympathy for my actress, the only thing they suggested that I could make more references back to the music itself by maybe some shots of the instruments itself, so from my feedback from people I have asked I am going down the right track for my music video and the story is great , but I must include shots of an instrument that is being played in the song. So this is what I have drawn to be added to my storyboard, and my anamatic so with improvements and feedback from my target audience I can see what they want and what will make my music video very entertaining to watch.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Clothing sketches- formal

This is one of my sketches but for the formal idea I have for my music video when she changes her clothes and I want something bright and colourful unlike before to show her happiness but also because the good day of weather shows bright colours so should she, and the dress links with summer feel, and that the dress is more free showing she isn't keep things inside anymore and she is happy more. Its very modern looking so it will relate back to the modern times but also the audience as well. The shoes however have changed to show my character has grown up, and her feelings have changed from this depressed teenager to a much more happier teenager and I think this is very good because it shows feelings and can relate back to the good day, that is going on whilst she is having a bad day to show she has changed to the surroundings.

This is another sketch I have drawn for my actress to wear again this is brightly coloured, and shows happiness through the clothing and again its summer themed outfit, to fit in with the weather as well as the skirt is free flowing its almost as if she is free to be herself now her bad emotions have come out and now she is happier than before. The shoes for this outfit have changed from before maybe some type of dolly slipper shoe, as its more elegant than before its just completely different from what she was wearing from before.
The hair on both of these outfits will something nice either straightened or something different but it has to be neat and not like the bed head look at the beginning of the music video.

Clothing sketches- causal

This is one of my sketches for clothing as I like how its green because it shows an emotion of anger etc and also relates to my locations as well very well, but maybe I could use a white shirt to show that its very plain and not a colour really, and it would show that she is a very innocent character and still growing up.I like the jeans because jeans are very casual to wear and also they are a very dark colour which links with her bad day and how she is feeling inside. The shoes I have chosen to be red or a dark blue, to again show emotions of anger but also to show the darkness in her bad day all the way through and maybe they can also foreshadows the bad day coming.

This is another one of my sketches for the boring and dull clothing for the first part of my video, the black can link with emotions and feelings of my character, but also black jumper can show that something bad is going to happen to her and just foreshadows bad events going to happen to her, the brown jeans I thought were good because they are very plain and go with the black jumper but the jeans are also ripped as well to show the breaking down of my character and links to her bad day, the shoes are the same because the style of shoes are modern and can relate to my audience. Also this one doesn't show any skin showing again how my actress feels as she keeping to herself and her bad emotions kept in. However, I think this is a bit old fashioned to use and not very modern the only thing that can relate back is the shoes and the first one seems more modern to relate to my audience.

Anamatic 2 very rough

This is my anamatic but its still very rough but has more shots and I have also added music to the anamatic, and this is to show how my music video would look like in 2D and very rough but my next one will be better with more effects and editing on it I just first thought it was best to put some music and more shots on the anamatic.Also it shows my drawings altogether as well.

Storyboard last shots

My storyboard finally finshed

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Storyboard- last shots now

These are the last shots of my music video and its come to an end with a happy ending between the mother and daughter in the end as I am able to link to the lyrics directly and show my message about bad days in my music video. Both of my characters are shot always together now to show the change and how happy they are and the end is wear it actually links to the lyrics at the end to show its the end and the link the lyrics with my video directly.

Parent character- chosen

This is my actress who is going to play the mum character I have decided in my music video as girls and mums have a strong relationship together and I can show that the relationship as ups and downs but they will always be there for one and other, also she has a agreed to do this music so I am all set with my characters in my music video as now I am able to use the two characters having a strong relationship, with this relationship my audience are able to relate to it as this is what family is all about and my audience will feel the same way as they do with there own families some time but there is always family and they never go away, so I have chosen a mum character as I am able to show a mother and daughter relationship and strong bonds between family even on bad days.

Main actress- chosen

This is my actress who is going to be used in my music video as she is young and nearly teenager can easily relate to my audience and the situation she goes through, also my audience can also feel sorry for her as well. This actress is easy to get hold off as well so my music video is nearly ready to shoot with my actress and also because she is young, maybe an older audience can relate to her as well thinking back to the younger days, also with my actress is used to acting as well being in plays and things. Also I am able get modern clothes for her as well for my music video as she is very modern herself, and because I have related plants to growing up etc this is great because my actress is still growing up herself and so my audience can have the same feelings and emotions she has. She has also agreed to do to already so its all set for me to start with my actress.

Final location

This is my final location where my actress comes out of the house and into a beautiful garden, which is going to be used like a sanctuary as she is on her own, she able to be more relaxed here as well and the garden is full of bright vivid colours can show the happiness bursting through my character, and also shows that she is growing through the plants bursting through, and I would also like to shot my video when the sun in really beaming down on my actress so it can link with irony thing I have got going all through my music video but also to show that she is happy and the sun is on her face, and she is able to relax in the garden and my audience will be able to relate to this, however though if i cant get to shoot when its sunny then I can do it when it looks miserable to link with pathetic fallacy as the weather can show her emotions and how she is feeling. I had said before with green showing anger it can show this again that she is still a bit angry, but because of the purples. pinks and reds it shows she is happy and that leads to her apologising to her parent.


These are the doors that I will be using for my music video as this is a key part in my music video, as you think that she is going to go back in the house when she comes back but instead shes goes straight back out again ,which again shows she is trying to distance herself from the house and its the family and links to the idea of getting away from the parent and the fact that the doors are completely different shows what she is thinking inside compared to what the audience thinks is going to happen in the music video. The doors can further show us her feelings as the front door is big and is barley see through, can show us her rage and anger that's there, and the other door however is just glass and its see through showing the door can show that she has changed a little to being more relaxed, and more calm and because its a door you need a key etc to link with her opening up her emotions finally.

More locations

This is the wall I am going to use in my music and its because this is where we are bale to see the true emotions of the character and would create sympathy for her, and the audience can also relate to the situation that has happened and understand what she is going through and the audience can feel sorry for her as well.

This is the street I am going to use for the shot where we see her walking away in the distance and she is trying to distances herself away from the house and the parent inside, which can relate to my audience as this is something most teenagers do and it can show how really angry she is, also this is the street that will be used for when she comes back and she seems to have blown of some steam and seems a little bit happier.
Both locations are going to be used to show my characters emotions and feelings and this is where my audience are really able to connect to the character I am portraying in my music video, and also the green from the plants and grass adds this green effect that can be used to show this anger as green can represent bitterness and anger, which is great for my music video as this is what she would be feeling.


This is the drive way I will be using in my music and also the silver car i will also be using in my music video as a prop as my last shot is of the car driving away like the song 'go for a drive' as its a direct link to the lyrics linking everything to together.

This is the place I will want my actress to trip when she storms out of the house showing these bad things are still come which happens in my music video as she continues to have a bad day until the end. But not in between two cars though as that would be dangerous just the one, as the silver one is the key element in the driveway but the audience wouldn't know this.

This shows both my prop that is a key element in my music video but also shows a new location and hopefully when it is shot it will have sunshine on my actress so it will look nice but also play with the irony idea that I have always the through my music video.

clothing( glamorous/less causal)- first ideas

Again my character changes clothes in the video and I wanted them to be completely different than the clothes before to show different emotions, to show change in the characters feelings that she is more happy that she has made up with her parent(mum) and I have again like before created some ideas on the Sims to show what they would look like together which look good or not for my music video.

This is my first idea for the change of clothes as firstly its purple which is a brighter colour than before to show this happy feeling and love as well. Also its a type of dress which is different from the jeans to show she she is trapping her feelings in anymore, there aren't any bad feelings no more but also to show she is more relaxed and more free.This is good because its modern looking and would appeal to my audience and relate back to my audience as well. So really I am trying to show the change in my character through the clothing that they are wearing.

This is my second idea for the different clothes as its brighter than before a bright blue which can show she is relaxing and calm not angry anymore, but also the pink bow can show that being happy is a gift as well. This outfit shows more skin than before to show that she inst hiding anything no more she is letting her hair down idea. Both outfits have these high shoes on to show that she has grown as a person and grown up herself, more mature maybe and this can relate back to my audience.

This is another idea I have for the clothing in my music video its more grown up and glamorous than before, to show my actress's character grown up as a person becoming more grown up, but also it shows that change in emotions of my character she is a lot more happier with herself and to show that everyone has their bad days but everyone can be happy.
Overall, with the causal boring clothes I will create some sketches to develop my ideas and ask for feedback from my audience on them, but also that the idea with this outfit is to show emotions have changed in the character and that everything is better but also to show that everyone had a bad day but families are their if you need them.

clothing (casual)- first ideas

I have also been thinking about what clothes my main actress should wear in my music video I am trying to get this boring and causal look to being with, as it shows the actresses emotions at this time in the video and the clothes she'll be wearing for most of the video as at the end a change of clothing is needed to show the change to a happier mood. Here are some first thoughts I have created on the Sims to show what they would look like together and also I can get more ideas for her outfit as clothing is a key symbol in my music video.

This is my first idea as the colours aren't bright and just plain brown and dark blue and the brown is dark to express my actresses emotions and dark feelings she has as she does become angry in the video and also because they are boring you get this sense of her being like this all the time etc, it looks very causal but I would like it to be a bit more modern so it can relate back to my audience.

This is my second idea as it uses a plain shirt and again jeans as these are seen as causal clothes but also the colour blue is a colour that shows depressed and again the emotions of my actress and the character I 'am trying to show isn't happy and she is in a bad mood for most of the video. I have used converse style shoes as these are very modern and most teenagers wear them so it can put my audience in her actually shoes because they are the same.

This is my third idea for causal clothing to show emotions as the shirt is black with white underneath the shirt to show mixed feelings but mostly feelings of anger on the shirt as its black and can show that there is happy feelings underneath her to show the change in the video and again jeans just a different colour but also almost a ripped to show the feelings of furstration which is portrayed in the video.
Overall, this are just ideas I have and I wanted to show them together so I know how they look but also to show what I want to do with the clothing, as I want to use it to show my actresses emotions and feelings and maybe as well foreshadow things to come etc. I also think that I should do some sketches as well as part of the development stage and show what I want and ask for feedback on my sketches for clothing in my music video.

Storyboard - sheet 4

This is my storyboard further on and detailed.

storyboard sheet 4- nearly there

This is the nearly the end of my music video and this is a lot more happier than it has been as this is were all the humour comes in, and the heart warming moment between the parent and my character as it gets better even though my character gets hit my balls and gets soaked with water, showing you should always have a happy approach to life even when it gets you down and this is the overall message for my music video and life shouldn't get you down from just one bad day. There are a lot of tracking shots in these scenes so it can put the audience in the shoes of the teenage character, and it creates sympathy for my character but also at the end its heart warming ending to the story with the use of props and miming but also the circular motion that my story takes. Very story like- start, middle and end to the story.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Anamatic- very rough!

These are the first six shots of my music video and this is a very rough anamatic as it has no music with its, as its more of a playing around with the software and getting use to it also learning the different things I can do with this, this is just a rough piece of work but it can also give me ideas for my anamatic and what transistions I can use but also zooming in and out as it will also give me ideas for my actually product, also I can change the duration of the shot before a cut or transition. It also gets me use to editing my pieces of work which will help me in the future with my final product. An anamatic is a good way of shwoing of what you want your final product to look like and you can also change it slightly as the anamatic isnt the final product.

Props- what I am going to need!

In my music I am going to need some props that will help the story along and also some of the key elements of my music video are some of the props I am going to need:

Piano/keyboard- as I am aiming for my product to also link to the music as well I think I should have someone playing the piano or a close up of someone playing maybe, so it links back to the music and also to show its about the music as well as the story in my music video.

Envelope and letter- this is a very key element in my music video as this is what stirs up the bad things to come in my music and its a turning point in my video so this is something that is key in my music video

Car- at the end of my music I am going to try a get a shot of a car pulling out of the drive so it links with the lyrics 'go for a drive' and this is a key element as well, as it links directly with the lyrics as my music video is more story like it links all the way through but this is something that will directly link to the exact lyric as it is said at that time.

A water device (watergun I think??)- This is somthing that will add a bit of humour as I am going to get my actress to get soaked by water, but she smiles about a bit more and adds a bit more of a happier atmoshpere to it and entertains the audience.

These are some of the things I am going to need to make my music video sucessful as it will add bith tension but also humour from some of my props, I am going to use in the video so my audience is kept entertained by the story but als some of the humours events that happen as well, but also linking the lyrics to the video and the music through my props.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Storyboard sheet 3! detailed!

This is my storyboard further on than before and more detailed with new locations and ideas.

The Pitch today!!!

Today in class I was asked to present my ideas and what I am going to do and where I am up to so I used my blog to show my storyboard, and show the locations I am going to use for my video and then after I pitched my ideas everyone seems very positive and impressed with what route I am taking my music video down, and they also like how I am using things that can relate back to my audience, also I said that I am trying to make my video tell a story with the lyrics which they really liked and also the class is my target market so this is great that I am able to get feedback from my audience as well, and this was an opportunity for them to ask questions if there was something that may cause me a problem and there was none, but they asked about what my CD cover and poster would be like so then I was able to think what I could be considering for my CD cover and poster , and said either a scene from my music video so it would link together my music video, cover and poster so all three of my products are linked together or a colour scheme that comes from my music video, but also I was able to get further feedback from my teacher telling me how I should do shots and that my idea is great as it doesn't follow conventions all the way through and my teacher likes that I have plenty of ideas and that I am ahead of schedule, and that my planning is very detailed and that I am heading in the right direction which everyone else agreed with.
Overall my music video is looking good and that I should just continue how I am, and also keep adding more ideas along but also my music video is going to look very good and I was able to get feedback from my target market.