Thursday, 30 September 2010

Storyboard- sheet 3

This is my storyboard further on and this time there is a new location for me find and use, also I am going to try and get a nice looking street when the sun is out to again play on the irony about having a bad day on a good sunny day. Also shows my actress will be very isolated and on her own and we are bale to again she her emotions and relating back to the audience and i think that my next storyboard plan I think I may be adding more humour so it can show an audience that its has become less depressing and more happier as the audience can laugh at her this time instead of feel sorry for her and makes the audience more entertained. Also I am able to get more ideas as I am feeling my story with the lyrics is very near the end, and that the ending I think everything should be happier and that the parent and teenage make up so it goes against the lyrics but shows that yes you may have a bad but you will always have better days.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Clothings- thoughts

My actress which has been definitely been decided is that she should at the being very casual and very boring colours nothing bright and glamorous, as she will be having a bad day and that it shows the characters feelings through the colours and clothing, but also this boring and bad image will be foreshadowing the bad day to come to her, so the clothing to being with should be jeans and a plain top for her to wear something very causal.
My parent character should be wearing something either plain and boring coloured like my actress to link them together by family, but also maybe the parent should wear something very dark coloured to again show this bad day lurking over my actress, and again showing the feeling of the parent through the clothing as she is reading the letter that is given to her the mad emotions running through her.
Near the end of the video it becomes happier so my actress should be wearing something more glamorous and brighter colored than before, and to show change in the character and the change in her emotions which goes against the lyrics but its an idea from the original as the two characters end up happy together even though they had a bad day.

locations 2

These are the stairs that I am going to use to foreshadowing the bad day to come also expression and clothes should foreshadow that nothing is going to go good for the actor/actress also as the character will be walking on a dark coloured carpet foreshadows the bad things to come to the actor/actress, further more whilst the actor/actress will be walking down the stairs slowly to follow the beat of the music to link music and character together.

This is the doormat I am going to use to for the envelope that is going to change everything for the actor/actress and that the bad day really starts for my character in the video also again the dark green carpet will be surrounding it so it links to the letter being bad for the actor/actress and also the donkeys on the carpet can be a symbol for the character and its what people thing of the character as someone stupid when shown later in my storyboard and video.

This is the shot of the kitchen I will be using in my music video as the kitchen is where families spend the most time together which links to the parent character that will come further on and normally they are happy but the character and parent are not showing something that should be good actually its bad linking with the bad day image and that the kitchen is where people but in this case the character will walk off and leave.
This also shows that my next locations will be outside the house and somewhere different for my character to blow steam off and also bad things will continue to happen to the actor/actress.

locations- the actual locations and pictures

This is the bed
I am thinking of using for my music video as it starts the day off like everyone elses normal average day so it relates back to the audience, but I am thinking of changing the sheets so they are more mature to appeal to a more mature audience whilst still attracting a youger one as well. the whole situation for the character will relate to everyone as its something everyone does relateing the story back the audience as well.
This is the hall way I plan to use for my music video to show again everyone gets up and goes down a hall way again showing this normal average day.
This is a shot of the mirror idea I instead to do and this is the location for it again the character looking miserable and having a bad hair day as well so it links with lyrics as is the start of the characters bad day. So it shows the character refkecting their emotions.

Again to show the mirror is being used a a symbol in the video as I think I will be using it again in the video.
This is the wardrobe that my actor/actress will be using to pick out their clothes but it also shows that everything in your wardrobe is private and personal so we see the actor/actress picking there clothes out of it and the clothes they pick out boring and not glamourous at all very casual and boring colours.
Overall this shows that my music video is moving on further and that these are the lcaotions I am going to use and also shows some props I may be using as well in my music video, the loctions also create an image, and that I am using a normal house shows that it will be able to realte back to my audience as its all normal and average, so these further links my music video to the audience I am targeting my music video at.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

When my music video storyboard is completed this is something I am aiming to produce at the end of it an animatic , as it can show how my music video will follow as it adds animation also it will have the actual song and music on there, so then its a like a music video just with drawings and it will be able to show what I need to improve but also it can show me what I need to keep in the music video or add or even actually get rid of as it will point out flaws in my storyboard to make the video better so it follows better and is more entertaining music video.

Storyboard further on3

this is my storyboard futher on with different ideas along the way.

Monday, 27 September 2010

storyboard- further on

These are the next 7 shots of my storybaord and I am able to see the story in the music video coming to live even though its still a rough idea but I am getting more ideas I am going along for shots but also its developed new locations for my music as well. My actor/actress is able to show more expressions and feelings through these shots and this will always relate back to my audience by the falling out with the parent situation and I am able to create a mood as well, so we can feel sympathy for the main actor/actress.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Font styles- some ideas

These are a few font ideas for my CD cover and poster as this is one of the elements that will the products together and its an important part of the CD cover and poster. But the font must also promote the indie pop genre as well, so really everything must link back to the music itself so that the video is also linked together as well. From my feedback on my font ideas I have had people say that they are all good but that some of them are more related to the music than others as:

Rachel stated that she liked the the 4th one as its something you would write when your anger and something that she would do was when she is angry so you get the feelings through the font.

Sarah has also said that liked number 3 and 6 but preferred number 6 as it fits in with the music genre and it looks very contemporary and its very clear to see and would look great on the cover and poster.

Me I like the number 6 font as its very modern and I have tested it by changing the colour and the boldness and its the only one that stays clear its simple but yet very effective.

Hamish I like number 4 and 6 as both relate back to music genre and they look very modern and something that will represents of the feeling that's all the way through the music video. As the effect on number 6 has a this eroding affect on the font so it shows the person breaking down.

Overall the fonts have been a huge hit and people said that they were all good but from feedback the 6th one seems to be the favourite as it fits in with music it looks smart and then the effect adds deeper meaning to the font and it relates the music video as well so it will link the three products together. They also like it because the font can work with most colours.

Monday, 20 September 2010

CD cover and poster cover- ideas

Along with my music video I also have to consider my cover and poster for my digi pack as all three products are linked together and from my research in some way the music video, CD cover and poster are all linked together by either scene or something in the video that can be used on the CD cover and poster, also from my research it also shows me that maybe the CD cover and poster can be different and something unique about them, with either some effects or symbols on the cover. Just like my music video there are some conventions that come with it like maybe a indie pop genre could be quiet contemporary and something that's different to attract attention, so these are just I few things I have been think about but also I have to think maybe about a colour scheme that links the CD cover and poster together and this can show the audience a lot about the artist and the music that the artist plays. However one thing that the CD cover and poster must not be is something scary and intimidating. So this is just some ideas for my CD cover and poster.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Locations- further on and more of an idea

For the location of my music video I am going to use multiple locations as the start of my story board as helped a great deal as it shows that I would need a bed room, bathroom, hall way and stairs as these are the locations used in my story board so far and these are the locations i need to make a successful music video and i will be posting pictures of my locations and so i can ask my audience if these are suitable for my music video. It would also be good for my video if it was shot on a sunny day as it would be great as it can create some humour as it be ironic that my actress would be having a bad day on a great sunny day and make the video funnier than the original.


For my music video or any music video I am going to need actors or actresses and with now having done some of my story board for my music video it can give me some sort of an idea of what I want in my music video, I want to be able to relate to the audience so I could do have either a teenage girl or boy, as the audience will be able to relate to the story that's going on with the lyrics as well and will make it more appealing for a younger audience as well as the teenage market. I am going to have it all about one person unlike the original video where its about two adults and I am going to make it about one teenager to make it more modern and up to date with the times. Overall I think I may be having one teenage girl as I can send more of a message with story and I have easy access to a teenage girl actress as well so it would be make it easier for me, but I am hopefully going to make the video appeal to both boys and girls either way as the story can relate back to both sexes any way and maybe also an older market maybe not by the actress but by the story as it could have happened to them as well.

Story board the first six shoots

This is my storyboard of the first six shots but in more detail and with more of my ideas for the music video.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Storyboard- the first six shots

This is my storyboard so far and its only the first six shots and its really just the beginning of the video as my actor/actress is having a normal day getting up out of bed just as the music starts so this mean the beinging of the stoyr in lyrics which I am going to try and do. I also was thinking that somewhere in these shots I would include someone playing the piano so again always linking back to the music and from my research this is somthing that most of them do which shows I am following some of the conventions of an actual music video. Also on the storyboard I have included how the actor/actress would look like the clothing but also the faical expressions of the actor/actress as this can again tie in with the lyrics of the song and the story feel I am trying to go for my music video but also some of the ideas do come from the orinigal music video for this song but I am putting my own spin on it and making it a lot different.I have started the rest of the shots as well with further ideas.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Storyboard- starting

I am starting my storyboard as its a key part to planning a music video as it will be packed with ideas for my music video and I may end up doing more than one storyboard because I may get more ideas or change what I was originally thinking about doing it also helps with what shots props etc and an annotated storyboard would also both show what I am trying to do with an explanation for as well, story boards can help me with my location as well as actor/actress and whats needed at certain points, also what helps is the fact now I have the music for the music video so that will help with storyboard, as it will give me ideas as the lyrics help with images on the video and this is why I need a storyboard as I can get my ideas and thoughts on paper.

Locations- the start

Locations for my music video also a key part to the music video itself and the locations would have to be suitable for the music as well for example for a Gothic music video it would have to be dark locations or somewhere mysterious, so with doing a contemporary pop music video would have to be bright and happy as these are some of the conventions that come with any genre of music and that with a pop music video the location conventions are bright and happy scene and depending on what type of pop it is can depend on what locations are used because glamour pop would use a bright back dropping but like the Katy perry - California girls the setting is a fantasy fairyland background. So this give me plenty to think about and a lots to plan if I am going to follow some of the conventions of a pop music video.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Copyright- The email

This is the email I sent to the record company to ask for permission to use the song 'Bad Day' for my music video as I must ask permission or I would be breaking copyright laws if I just went ahead and used the song and so I sent an email to Warner Bros. records to see if they would let me use there song for my music and I let them know that I am not using the music video to gain any type of profit its simply for my media studies coursework purposes and school work.

Here is further prove that Iactually did send the email to record company and that I am follow copyright laws.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Video Diary

Copyright- starting point

So I can actually use the song I want to and my audience wants me to use I must first ask for permission to use the song from the record company to use and to let them that I am not using the song for any profit and personal just purley for my media studies music promo project, so at the moment I am searching for the record company's email or contact information so that I can get in touch in some way and tell them about what I plan to do with it and just ask if I can have their permission to use the song, instead of just doing it and getting in trouble for using it and causing both me and the company problems and issues.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Video diary 2

I hav now finshed my research and I have picked my song its now for my planning of my won music video.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Song- The chosen one- Daniel Powter 'Bad Day'

Well I have decided what song I am going to do for my music video which is Daniel Powter- 'Bad Day' as from my audiences first thoughts I can use some ideas from the original maybe but I am able to put my own spin on the music video and create something happy and make it fun and entertaining for the audience as I have asked what they wanted and this is just some of the things that want in a music video. I could also in the music make it more humours than the original, as this would also appeal to the target audience for this music video it should be somthing that everyone can enjoy watching and somthing that can relate to the lyrics in the song instead of all the random things that happen other music videos also i could make the video with this song choice to make it contempory and quirky. Furthermore, I can do a story like video where the music video actaully shows a story and could show meaning with the song maybe. So with this song for my music video I am able to do lots of things and I have lots of ideas for the music video. The song itself is appealing in itself as its very commerical and so its been made for a variety of peoples tastes, so ths music itself would attract and audience to see the music video anyway. Overall I am happy with this song choice and gives me plenty to thing about for my final product as I have many first thoughts on what I should do and any ideas for the final product along the way.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Audience- Their own thoughts

As well as choosing a song for my music video, I must consider my audience as well because firstly they would be the ones viewing my video. So therefore I must ask my target audience, which I would say would be everyone really as its a friendly music not dark and scary its happy and light which would appeal to most ages and sexes as well. That means I must ask them about the song as well as asking what would appeal to them in the music video, and as I have also viewed existing music video I can also see what they would want in a music video. Here is someone I asked about what they would like in a music video:

Sarah: I would like a music video to have music obviously but I also want it to be entertaining something different but I also want it to lighthearted and fun, something that isn't too serious it would be nice if it was enjoyable but its quirky in its own unique way something that is seen as escapism from day to day life.

Lance: A music video I would like to see is something that's engaging and enjoyable, I want it to be happy and optimistic. It could also be a video that's not dark and all gloomy something that's bright and colour.

Rachel: The music video if its for the 'pop' genre than I want it to be upbeat, I also would like it to be fun and energetic depending on which song you used, something that full of life and not miserable and depressing got watch, something that's enjoyable.

Jack: I would like the music video to be lively something that's enjoyable and maybe have a story to the video and nothing that's just random something that relates back to the song, just a light hearted approach to a song and maybe include humour along the way.

These are just a a few opinions and intial thoughts and collective they almost say the same thing that they want somthing fun, entertaining and somthing that maybe has mean or relates to the lyrics somthing thats fun and not depressing.