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This a poster that I found of Daniel Powter and most of the posters that are of him they are just the album covers just blown up to poster size which shows that he cares more about the music than actually posing for posters, apart from this poster he is posing but this was the only one I could find and it really shows that he really cares about music and shows he plays the music instead of a band doing all the work which shows that music means a lot to him. Also its a picture of him to show that this is the artist and again is wearing the iconic hat he always wears in he videos and on is CD covers and now his poster to again always link the three the items together so it automatically links back to the artist as its his work and no one else's. The lighting on the picture is very soft which shows he is trying to create a positive image for himself, but also shows that his music is very easy to listen to but also has a deeper message with how he looks on this poster. The font used on the poster is also used on the CD covers which again further links the products together but also links them straight back to artist himself. The black piano really makes the artist stand out from the background but shows a deeper message that the music he plays makes him stand out and not what he does with is lifestyle, also with him wearing a white shirt it makes him standout even more and it gives him an innocent image to his audience and fans and nothing to put the audience or fans off, he may want to be judged by his music and not how he looks.
Overall this shows that all the products should link together which has been shown all through my music research and that a different genre of pop can change the image of CD covers, poster but also the video. This has been very useful as I am able to get different ideas for my own products and also it shows me the good and right things for me to do with my products and also shows me the bad and wrong things I shouldn't do for my own products.

CD covers

This is the single of 'bad day' this links to the music video as one it shows the artist looking how he does in the music video with iconic hat he wears. Also this CD cover shows me something different as not all covers have the artist on the front but this one does which could show it depends on the genre of music or in this case the different genre of pop. The colour of the CD cover is very similar to the artist eye very mild green which is an idea with one of the paramore album cover as it plays withe lead singers hair colour, but also the green background is dark which can link to the subway scene in the video but also its dark because of having a bad day but the light green shows it can get better which links to the story of the video. Furthermore, the artist is unshaven to show that he is normal and hes not a glamorous celebrity type which is again shown in the music video, but he still doesn't look untidy but shows that he is just a normal person average work person doing something he likes doing. The font on CD cover is exactly the same to show that this is the artists font style and that the the title of the song is in the exact same as the artist font style to show that that song and music is his but also shows that song means something to him.

This is the album cover and this album has the 'bad day' song and it really shows as this is the shot of the artist in the subway which is shown in the music as he blends in with the people and his surroundings showing he is just a normal person. The facial expressions of the artists are similar on both CD covers as it shows the artist is mysterious but can also show that his songs have a deeper meaning to them.The colouring of the album cover is very similar to the first as its a dim yellow/green light and makes the artist blend in with the subway and links with his clothes as well as he is wearing a green top and again wearing his hat showing this is the artists thing and his hat also becomes his calling card and so you automatically know who it is. The artists type of clothing is very casual and very normal no glitter or designer suits or showing any flesh top attract female attention he is just being true to himself and not trying to show things off.The font style is also the same of before highlighting me point about it linking back to the artist but on this CD cover he has a logo this time which are his initials to again show its his music and something else that links back to him.
This is completely different from the other two covers as he has changed his look which maybe due to the fact that times had changed and this cover is more modern and up to date as it really shows through his clothing and effects used on the cover. However the artist is still wearing is hat but the hat is very different from before its more stylish and up to date. The scene behind him could relate back to one of his songs is located there or its his home town which can link to the other CD covers as its a every day location just like this one. The font of the artist as changed to something very different which can show that the he is trying to be more modern and keep up with the times but it could be that he has changed his music maybe a little more darker or different genre of pop and shows that the genre of music can be seen on the cover and that the genre of music comes with some conventions. However the cover still doesn't show any glamorous lifestyle just an average person which is shows on all three covers and shows even though he has a changed a little bit he is still promoting this image of being yourself and that anyone can do something they dream of doing.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Music Video Research 5

This is again a different genre of pop but also is different idea of what a music video should be like and this can give me lots of ideas for my product. This type of pop is seen as almost pop rock and I am going to investigate this type of pop as it different from the others I have researched.

How is the artist represented?

He is represented as this person that's very down to earth as it doesn't show him to be glamorous or wearing designer clothing's and shown to be an average person as he blends in with people waiting a the sub way and also shows him playing his piano to show he cares about this music and means a lot to him as the artist shows that the music is what really counts not what the video is like. He shown to be very approachable there is nothing to scare people off which links with his down to earth image he is prompting as it can show his audience that any one can really play instruments or be in the music business you don't have to be a celebrity and the celebrity image is not at all shown in the music video to show its more about the music than the money or glamour of a celebrity life style it shows him as a average working class person not a high class society man.

What relationship exits between the images and the lyrics?

The images and lyrics link together all the way through but the video uses the lyrics to create a story about two people having a bad day which links with the title of the song but the images used don't link to that particular at the exact time it is sung but is later on shown, this shows that the image and the lyrics are connected as they tell a story from the lyrics which shows that the images are from the lyrics as its a story the lyrics are trying to tell and is shown very well in this video and that lyrics are some how represented all the way through the video as the end is says you had a bad day and shows the image of a happy ending for the two people and that the whole video is a reference to having a bad day with the two people having trouble at work etc. However the images of both people are linked together as with a shot of art from both people is shown and shows that the images themselves are linked together because of the story the lyrics are telling to the audience and this makes the video very unique.

What relationship exists between the music and the image?

The music and images link together as the music starts of quiet at the start but then we see the clocks change and the music starts which shows that start of the day but also shows the start of the music in the video and it builds up. Its a very slow beat which makes the music quiet sad at first as the the two characters are shown to lead boring lives at the start when they get ready and it shows that this happens everyday all the time which is shown in the beat of the music. Also the expressions on the characters faces are happy but not sad but in between which shows them just to be boring which starts of the story. The slow music near the end of the story is sad, but its ironic because the two character meet and the characters actually smile towards to the end to show the message of the story of getting through bad days there will be good days as well, and the scene between the two characters drawing is shown to be fun and you can sort of feel happy for them as they actually become happy at the end, even though the music doesn't change its beat but there is something happy happening.

Inter textual references

In the video there isn't any real inter textual references to anything else its just about the story that develops between the characters, the only reference is when we see the artist on the piano and singing that its a reference towards him and his song and to show that it is his type of video and music and all links back to the artist as he is shown through, also that the artist always wheres a bobble hat which links to him and his CD covers as well which shows more of a link to the single/album and the artist himself rather than location or some famous figure.

Key features:

  • The video uses the lyrics to tell a story- story like video

  • always shows the artist singing or playing the piano also that the artist is sometimes at the same location the as the two characters.

  • All the way through, through props and locations all link to the story and the two characters

This gives me some real ideas for my own video as this video is very different fro others as its story like, and shows characters and that the lyrics are trying to show a message through the music and lyrics.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Paramore Posters

These two paramore posters are very different from the albums in some ways but some features link back to albums or the music video I have researched. As the first one links to the album riot as it says riot on the poster and in the same font of the album cover, but what is different is the picture as its not a hand drawn style unlike the album cover and it shows a real photographic image which is the same as the other poster here, this could show they want to show themselves on a bigger scale father than the album cover.
Furthermore, on the riot poster the image of the band is in black and white to show they are mysterious and this makes the audience interested but it makes the orange standout which shows the lead singer is the most important but shows as its a picture together they all work together, also the image links back to the misery business video as they show they are rebellious just like the video and to show that the band isn't normal and follows conventions they are showing them true selves through the music etc.
But in the first poster the thing that is different from the others is the face that the band name isn't written in the same font they normally use its different, however it orange and plays with the orange hair of the lead singer which is something the riot album does and this again shows there is huge link back to the album. It also shows me that some things don't always have to be the same but in some way they must all link together.
The next poster is completely different as the font of 'paramore' is the same font as the other CD covers and the image is in colour to show that they want to show themselves instead of making one stand out. However it still shows that the band is rebellious and cheeky as the lead singer isn't looking at the camera and is looking in another direction unlike the rest of the band members which really shows the lead singers personality and to show that maybe herself is different or that the band is different from any other. But what is similar about the two posters is that no one is at the front or positioned at different levels and that non of the band members are in front of one another to show that the band work together and the band members are the people that make the band not just one person.
Also this poster doesn't link to one particular album but to all of the same as the font is the same to show that the music is all theirs and that the music directly links back the band paramore. furthermore this poster doesn't have any type of effects or any other writing on it to show that this is what the band truly is and what the band is truly like.
These poster have given me something to considered but also think about in my own products as the posters can be different from the album but the poster, music video and CD cover must link together in some way.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

paramore CD covers

The first CD cover of the paramore covers is the single of misery business which is the music video I have just analysed and this CD cover really links to the song but also the video as the title of the song is shown on the CD cover, but also its very dark feel to the cover which can link to the song having a deeper meaning. Furthermore, they are all sat in shirt and tie which links to the video as it gives a school like feeling to the cover which shows a direct link to the school location in the video but also on the cover they seem to be in trouble which is shown at the end of the video when they doing bad things to the girl in the blue and so is the girl in blue also when I suggested angry in the video this could be shown by the scribbling in the corner of the cover which again further links the video to the CD cover also the cover shows a picture of the band to show that the music is their music and their CD. The next CD cover is the album called RIOT and this is the album that misery business is also on and is shown in the video as the background where the band is playing is covered in this writing and font. This cover is very different from others I have shown as the cover doesn't show the band name but it shows a artistic picture of the band to show that band is unusual and doesn't always follow conventions with anything they do, also the RIOT is the name of the album is highlighted in orange as it plays with colour of the lead singers hair, so then you actually know its paramore's music and their album.
The next 3 Covers all have quiet a nature feel as the 'brand new eyes' as a butterfly which links with another song on that album, the 'decode' single is from the twilight film so the picture is very mysterious but also with trees and sky showing a forest which links to the film and the last one ' all we know is falling' is also linked with forest and nature but also shows songs that include a sofa. The thing that links all of these covers apart from RIOT is that they all have the same font for the band name to show that is there font and to add emphasises its their music, also ' all we know is falling' and 'brand new eyes' have the same title font to show that the band is linking things together so it will link back to the band itself.
All the way through these CD covers you can really see how different the band is from normal mainstream conventional bands and they really show themseleves through their music and the covers as they always have a different picture, but keep some things the same as its to appeal to there audience, also it shows me that my CD cover doesnt just have to the band on the front it can have something on the front that links all the songs together ot just from one song a symbloic image from it, also the RIOT albums shows me it doesnt have to a photograph it can be a drawing style CD cover. This has given me plently to think about for my products and I what I should do for my own pop genre of music.


My music video anaylsis of the paramore video misery business

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Music Video Research 4

This is more of my music video research as I am exploring the pop genre as there are many different types of pop as my music research shows from Brit pop to indie pop . Paramore as be considered to be punk pop so I am going to explore this genre of pop.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Katy Perry Poster

This is Katy Perry's poster for her music album as it really relates back to the other albums as firstly what directly links the poster and the CD covers is that it uses the same font and typeface as it is both on all off the CD covers and this poster.This seems to be something I must do on my own products as all of the other bands an artists I have researched, as all the products should be linked together so it is able to relate back to the artist. Also the all of the covers have a picture of the artist either a close up shot or a medium shots to show other items that relate back to the videos or the songs, this shows that there should be a picture of an artist on the poster and the CD cover in the this genre of pop but in others you should maybe only have the band/artists on the poster rather than the CD cover as shown with the scouting for girls as its a different genre and different personalities all together. Furthermore it shows also her personality through her poster as its all glamorous and stylish but also fun looking image to the artist it highlights also what her music will be like if the audience is unfamiliar with it, also she is smiling on the picture on the poster an shows that its happy and she is approachable.
The poster links with video as it got glitter and also a show girl prop to link to the Vegas image shown in her video but also her CD cover as well as it has a glitter effect used on the dices which can show a stereotypical view of Vegas but also her own personality and wants to show that its her music but also to have fun and is promoting a fun image.
What also links the poster to the CD covers is that it as a 1960's image and feel to them which was a time of change for women and trying to give and promote a good image for women, the 60's image is on the poster as its the Vegas show girl image famous in the 60's and this links posters and CD covers together.
I have been able to gain some ideas from this research as that my poster, CD cover and video should maybe show some personality and fun but this would depend on the song and genre of music I choose.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

CD covers: Katy perry

This first cover is the one that links directly to the 'waking up in Vegas ' song as its the single of the song and it has direct links to the music video as it plays on the poker image and gambling image that follows the Las Vegas style also the dice that are on the CD cover they are used in the video itself, the cover also shows her which shows there is a direct link to the artist and the music and also to show its her music and no one else's. Its also bright. glittery and colourful to attract attention but also again to link to the song title and its image to appeal to her audience, also it very modern looking as well as it hows her own personal characteristics as its bold and different but shows a image of women and gambling which isn't normally associated with a woman seen as a mans game showing she is rebelling against the normalities and when women are associated with poker and Vegas its normally show girls instead of actually playing the game showing times have changed and is giving a positive view of women and for women.
Overall all the CD covers are linked together as they all have the same font style which seems to be common with other research I have carried out, it directly links artist to this music to let you know who the artist is but to show its their own music and then it can give an audience some sort of idea what the music will like from previous other music. The font style is almost used as a logo on the CD covers as its the exact same on all of them and only the colour changes to fit in with background etc to show its almost a label for this artist to show that music and the album is theirs so the music is their own and its something that would appear on other merchandise to relate back to the artist.
The pictures used on the 'one of the boys' and thinking for you' are of a 1960's feel to the as they have vintage 1960's clothing to show she is different from modern music she is her own artist with different characteristics , but also by using the 60's image it what a time of change for women and again giving a positive image for women. This can also be said for the Vegas CD cover as it has a old 1960's image again with the dress she is wearing but it has a modern spin on it and this can said for the ' California girls' CD cover as it uses 1960's California font style but also the clothing is old bathing suit with a spin on it to appeal to a modern audience and its almost like an old postcard image as well to fit in with California image. Another feature to point our it has her on all of them but on the covers she is shown to be an attractive young woman and they are all posed to show she is trying to still in conventions of other covers and artist but trying to show with the outfits and colours she is different from the rest.
The titles of the CD covers are shown in the images used as the California one is shown to have sun, its on a beach and she is in a swimsuit to show the location through the image to have a link to title and the location used.'Thinking of you' shows a woman upset and in thinking pose to link to the title but also the music on the disc as it can been seen as a said song and the emotion is shown on the cover. 'One of the boys' shows all pink and fluffy things which are stereotypically a female image and she making fun of it as it shows nature and garden as well and shows the artist is fighting the female stereotypes which is shown in the 'Waking up in Vegas'. The last cover is the Vegas style one to show that the title influenced what was put on the cover as its all the poker and gambling image which is related to Vegas and glitter effects shows the glamorous style of Vegas.
These CD covers have given some ideas for my own product as it shows that the title can influence what goes on it, but also that you can be as creative as you want to be with the colours and style to show some personality.

Katy Perry

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Music Video Research 3

This is different take on the pop genre as its different from scouting for girls and Colbie Caillat Bubbly song as it light hearted this is different as its more visual than the other two.

Poster research and more

These are all relevant merchandise for this artist as it shows one of the product I am going to make the poster, the poster links heavily links to CD cover and the video as its a picture of her playing guitar which is shown in the music video but also the font style is again the same as the CD covers and again the pictures are very similar to CD cover pictures as its shows her face again but instead of the it just being her face its her whole body to show they are linked by the font and logo of the artist but the poster is different because its a tiny bit different than the CD covers which gives me some more ideas that the CD cover and the poster don't have to be same it can be a little different. I have also added a keyring and shirt to show that it all again links to the artist as the keyring as the 'coco' album cover and again the beach feel as it shows sand and sea on the back to link it to the bubbly music video, again the same font is used and logo to show it relates back to her personally. The shirt further highlights that the logo and font play and important part on any of the merchandise like the poster to make sure all of them link together and that my own products must have its font and maybe a logo to link the poster and CD cover together but also the video as well.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Album cover research

These are the Colbie Album covers and there are many features that link all three together but also link to the music as well. The first feature that links them together well first is that all three have a similar photograph of the artist which is first to use to promote the artist but also to show the pretty face of the artist and make it appealing for a music audience as she is also smiling which shows she has easy to listen to music, furthermore to show that she enjoys herself when making music and that the music is important to her, also the pictures are natural looking which links to the music video as it shows very beautiful places. The clothes she wears also stand out from the background or complement them to make her stand out but also to show that the music is the pop genre as she is having fun and not taking things seriously, however the first couple of album covers look posed but the last one looks more natural which can show a change in music or the artist has become more in control of what she wants on the album maybe. The font is the same on all the covers to show that's the font that relates back to that artist but also may show her own personality which is different from scouting for girls covers because I think they were trying to make a statement with the album covers but this one is just about having fun which is shown in her video about love and friendship etc. Also the change in the artist is also shown by the fact that she has her own logo on the last 2 albums and not the first which can show she is own person in the music world and its all about the music and lyrics not about the image which is shown in both these covers but also the bubbly music video. This gives me a different interpretation on what my product could look like as it shows a different type of pop genre but also shows that pop music can be different for many artists.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Music Video research 2

This is another music video 'bubbly' which I am going to analysis and to see if the video can give me any ideas for my own media product as it follows again the pop genre. As scouting for girls were pop they were more of a Brit pop.

How is the artist represented?

This artist is shown to be a very young and beautiful woman, she also looks realistic and not airbrushed or fake. This is to appeal to her audience, she also very happy all the way through and an all round positive video and seems to promote that she is very easy to approach and not fierce and shown to be a happy person in general. She is also represented as a normal average person and not a big headed pop star, and she gives us this sense that she is down to earth as her clothing is simple and not designer or a costume as many pop stars wear in there videos. Also as the video is simple and tells a story with no real special effects, this again highlights that she is normal, and she is more bothered about the music and the message in the lyrics than the things on the screen.

What relationship exists between the images and lyrics in the video?

When she mentions about hiding in the rain 'under the covers stayin dry' it goes to a shot of the artist and man staying under covers in the rain. But most of the time its a reference to that love feeling so it shows shot of her with the man in the video to show its all about the love, between her and him and the video is more story like than the scouting for girls one. so the link between image and lyrics is strong because its all about him and her in the lyrics and is shown in the video.' cause every time you hold me in your arms' it shows the artist and the man together and him holding her so it again shows links between images and the lyrics in the video. From this video I can that not all videos have images that always directly link to the lyrics but shows more of a story like and the images link to lyrics all the way through even though it isn't directly linked to a specific lyric.

What relationship is there between music and images?

All the way through the music video, the music is always quiet and happy slow song and this is really shown by the fact that by the artist is always happy and through close ups she is smiling all the way through also we get to see the artist with her guitar showing that she is all about the music because it shows her own personal guitar and that its her on her own and not a band. Also when the music becomes a little quieter it shows the artist sat on her own and in a really scenic view to show she is thinking about it and that she is thinking about the man in the video.The music itself and its beat respond to the scene and setting as when its happy when its in her beach house and with the male in the video.

Inter-textual references?

When the camera is close up on to her face it can link to the album cover as its a picture of her and this then links again to that she is all about the music.Also the beach house is seen on the album cover as it gives a beach feel showing she is in touch with music and nature to show her music is relaxed and its positives when makes it easy for an audience to approach her music. The blue all through the house again links to the album cover and the title of the song as it called bubbly and the colour is blue but also links that the artist as blue eyes and this highlighted on the album cover of hers and in the video.

Key features

  • All through the video shows a hand held camera effect to show what she is thinking but also makes the video very personal to her
  • Always it shows closes up of her face all the way through as it shows her singing but also shows how pretty she is
  • Shows her actually playing the music, shows her playing guitar to show she is all about the music and not the special effects of the music video
  • Its shot in a realistic place- beach house style
  • The video is simple video and shows more music and shows the story more than the videos effects and how it looks.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Poster research

This again is scouting for girls and this links as well to the three CD covers before as its the same font style as the covers but also shows that the font is they bands font and is only unique to them and shows up on their covers to further highlight this. Also there is only one colour and the tone/shade is light or darker which again links directly back to the three CD covers to again show a link between the band their own music, also shows that it will only ever link back to them it can also show that the poster and CD cover are meant to be linked together to that its those particular albums or the songs on them they are promoting and that it shows me that in some way the poster must link to cover so it shows a link between the music and the band. Furthermore, the photograph of the band shows me firstly that it must show a picture of the band or artist on my poster and also that this photograph and style of the picture links with music video of 'shes so lovely' so shows further links to video, poster and CD covers to show that are promoting that song or other songs on those CD's and they are promoting them through the video, poster and CD covers. Also from this poster you tell the time of genre and this is something I should do in my poster to make my genre known and also the facial expressions are mysterious but in a no threatening way so it makes the band look approachable and interesting and I must consider this in my own poster.

CD cover research

These are scouting for girls CD covers and there are many links between them first link between them all is they use the same font style is used for the band name and the name of the album/single to show that its there piece of music and links heavily with the band. Another common feature between the three covers is that they have the same pencil effect to again to show its unique only to this band and they use it on all three of the covers, its also very simple idea and effect as it makes the covers stand from other artists as these may follow a trend unlike this covers here, can also show that the band is more about the music and the gimmicks. There is also only one colour used on the covers and just a different colour shade/tone to one relate it to title of the CD like the 'heartbeat' cover its red to link with the heart also shows that the albums aren't complicated to show that they just enjoy music and promotes a good image of the band as it shows they are more interested in making music they like. Something that also links these covers together is that they all use images that relate to their title as 'heartbeat' shows an ambulance worker with a red cross to link with idea of the heart. The 'she so lovely' shows a pretty and young woman to link with song as its all about a girl and that the girl in the image looks similar to the girl in the video for that particular song. The top cover is a picture of two boys searching which links with the word 'scouting' and this also links with the band as its a male band and this links with idea of the band is searching. In my opinion I really like these covers as they are very easy on the eye but can also attract attention and it almost looks like its been hand drawn which shows a modern yet contemporary style which heavily links with bands actual music.Its simple idea but very effective. This could be Incorporated into my cover or poster and an idea that I may consider in my products.


This is my music video research on the scouting for girls 'shes so lovely' music video, video is on the blog

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Video anaylsis 1

Scouting for girls

This is the video I have analysed with a presenation, I am exploring different types of genre of music.


Rough Dates:

24th July - Complete research (existing products / audience)
10th Sept - Complete planning (scripts, shot list, storyboards, animatics, mock-ups, flat plans etc)
20th Sept - Complete rough-cut
1st Oct - Complete final cut
15th Oct - Complete poster mock-ups
31st Oct - Completed poster
10th Nov - Audience feedback
20th Nov - Revisions
30th Nov - Evaluations
1st Dec - 1st hand in