Wednesday, 25 August 2010

SONG choice- first thoughts,ideas etc

These are some of the songs I have think I could use to make my music video:

  • Katy Perry- 'hot and cold'- able to link lyrics to actual things all the way through could use actors or cartoons
  • Paramore - ' the only exception'- able to do a story like video instead of linking to actual lyrics etc I think I could only use actors in this one harder with a drawing one, or do a mixture of both.
  • Daniel Powter- 'bad day' I would be able to to do a story video, also do something different from the original video, can do a mixture of drawing and an actor or just and actor I have lots of ideas about this video.
  • The script 'breakeven' can do both a story like video or do a video that links directly to the lyrics when unlike the story video, use actors all the way through the video.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What I need to think about

These are the things I need to think about when making my music video:

  • location?
  • actor/actress?
  • shots?
  • length?
  • the actual song I am going to use?
  • what type of video I want such as a story like video or one that follows the lyrics all the way through?
  • Is my video going to be a drawing one where it uses cartoons etc?
  • Intertextuality?- links between the poster, CD cover and the video

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

From this point on

I have decided from my music resreach is that I will constructing a pop music video. As I have a some interesting ideas with this genre of music which hopefully will fit in with the music genre and also keep an audience entertained.

From now on I will be posting my planning of my music video which includes variety of things such as storyboards, location pictures and research etc etc. Which will make sure my video is going in the right direction that it should be.