Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Poster- first thoughts and first idea

Another product I must be designing and also creating is a music poster. But the main thing is all my products must all link together and relate to one and other. I could have the CD cover I have designed to be bigger and maybe a little bit more font and doodles on it or I could have something different from my music video to be bigger on the poster. Also I think I must design some more CD covers as I am able to see the things that people like about them. The poster needs to be bigger and maybe a lot bolder than the CD cover as it will attract the attention of audience.
This is an idea I have had for my poster as it relates back to song and the picture used is sort of what photograph I was aiming for when I have my own photo shoot for my actress. The writing and lined paper are the same as the CD cover so it would link them all together and because of the lyrics it means they are linked together. I must now come up with more ideas for both my CD and poster. The picture I will be using would be of my actress in the same position but this time in colour as it adds the happiness in the image. I would also need to add on the doodles like I have with the CD cover so they would look right together. The poster looks very modern and contemporary which is something I was aiming for but also my target audience wanted as well. Overall this is my very first poster idea and I need to come up with more so my audience can pick what they like out of all of them to create something they really like and would want in their own homes.

Music Draft 3

Music video draft 3 from amy pass on Vimeo.

This is my music video with some more improvements that were suggested in my feedback from both teachers and target market. The video is sorter than before and the timing is a little better in the video. But I feel there is still more to with timing and maybe add some more effects in to the music video.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Miss Malkin- I really enjoyed the music video it was very good and its very heart warming with the shot of the mum and child hugging each other, your use of mise-en-scene is very good and the location choice was excellent choice for the realism in the video. However the only real criticism I have is some of the piano shots are just randomly placed and could do with looking at, and getting the timings right. Overall its very good and realistic and will appeal to your target audience.

Sarah: Its really good Amy and I like how its shot at home so its gives this realistic effect to and its very entertaining. The only problem is the timings in the video with the music that's the only thing I would improve on it.

Hamish: This was very entertaining and its something that I and the rest of the teenagers could relate and fits in well with the music as well. Timings just need to be sorted out.

Rachel: Its great thoroughly enjoyed it the music great and the order of the shots I very good. Maybe have a play around with different transitions and effects. Overall really good.

Kris: Its good video and a good use of camera its something that's serious but also funny sometimes and I really enjoyed. Timing is the only issue.